eL-ements of Style

It was with great delight when I realized that I share a birthday with Helvetica. Like the world’s favorite font, I think of myself as a classic: strong with bold ascenders and great communication skills. Even the CTA uses Helvetica to tell people where to get off.

Design is more about communication than technology. You may be able to create drop shadows at the drop of a hat, but if the message isn’t clear then it’s simply an exercise in whose document has the most layers.

My designs have many layers, but they come from years of experience in advertising, corporate and non-profit settings. It’s not just trains that can be elevated – excellent design will always rise to the top.

Chris Broquet

There is justice, and there is WOODCHUCK JUSTICE. Don’t confuse the two. Check out more posters at the Poster Design link on the left.

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